An Overview of
Cash Management

Cash is, perhaps surprisingly, still good for business and for profit margins. That’s why a good cash management system is so important. It allows the retailer to improve customer service, save money and time, and improve profitability.

Cash is still a faster, cheaper and more popular payment method than electronic alternatives.

CashGuard Reduces
Cash Management Errors

CashGuard’s closed cash handling system completely automates the cash handling process – right from point of sale to cash-in-transit pick-up.

It’s a full service cash management solution that handles counting, dispensing of change, tracking, reporting and cash storage. This automation eliminates human error. It also makes the system tamper-proof and equips it ink-dyeing and validation technology. This increases security for both retailers and their customers.

It takes care of all the risk at the point of sale, to give a retailer complete peace of mind. Management can concentrate on running the business and serving customers, without worrying about cash handling and cash management.

The CashGuard
Cash Management Solution

CashGuard is the only cash management solution that specialises in the retail industry. It focuses on five verticals: supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations, convenience stores and hospitality providers.

The cash management solution replaces the open cash drawer with a Coin Recycler and a Note Recycler. This effectively closes the cash handling at the point of sale. The software then counts and tracks the cash and produces electronic reports.

Managers don’t have to handle any cash and they don’t have to stay after closing to count it – it’s all done automatically – and always correctly.