The Importance
of Closed Cash Handling

No one has to tell you that the retail industry is especially competitive. This is true of all its verticals. Margins constantly diminish, and the cost of doing business is always rising.

So retailers have to think of new revenue streams and ways of operating more efficiently so as to lower costs.

CashGuard closed cash handling cash management solutions can help you to do both.

Besides completely automating the cash handling process – thus eliminating error, increasing security and improving customer service – CashGuard can allow a retailer to offer additional services, like giving customers the ability to deposit or withdraw cash. Its closed cash handling abilities mean it can control cash levels and store large amounts of cash to facilitate this.

Automated Cash Handling
Boosts Security and Profit

CashGuard’s closed cash handling system automates the entire cash handling process, from point of sale to cash transport pick-up. It does the counting, tracking, reporting, transporting and storage of cash. It is also tamper-proof, which increases security and helps lower the risk of robbery or theft.

Management and staff are no longer occupied with handling cash, allowing them to focus on business operations.

This automation, with its security improvements, time saving and increased cost-effectiveness gives retailers more time and opportunities to improve their businesses and their competitiveness.

Closed Cash Handling
Improves Customer Service

One of the most important ways of staying ahead of the competition is for a retailer to offer better service. This means that staff and management need to be able to focus on the customers. Closed cash handling can help with this.

It automates the entire cash management process – it can even decrease cash-up times, and eliminate shortages and overs. This saves a lot of time – time that can be better spent serving customers.