CashGuard cash management solutions

cashguard-logoThe CashGuard cash management system offers a complete solution for efficient, secure and closed cash handling. The system resolves many of the problems
involved in traditional cash handling.

CashGuard replaces the 100-year-old cash register.

How does the CashGuard
Cash Management Solution Work?

  • The CashGuard cash management solution at check out points consists of a note recycler controlled by the cashier and a coin recycler operated by the customer.
  • Products are registered as usual by the cashier and the customer can simultaneously insert coins as part of the payment.
  • The cashier feeds in the notes received from the customer.
  • Notes and coins are counted immediately and the customer automatically receives the correct change.
  • Collectors provide efficient emptying of the note recycler and transferring of excess notes to the shop’s back office.
  • The cash management back office solution provides full control of all notes and coins in the store.
  • Warning levels can be programmed for each denomination, facilitating the job of the cash manager. The solution also provides secure and active cash logistics, including ordering, delivery and pick-ups.

The CashGuard Cash Management
Solution is Specifically Designed for the
Retail Environment, including:

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Benefits of the CashGuard Cash
Management Solution:

Improved money security

  • NO access to money
  • NO more preparing of daily floats
  • NO shorts and overs
  • NO lengthy cash-ups
  • NO hands in tills

Satisfied customers

  • Safe shopping environment
  • Faster customer throughput
  • Always issued with correct change
  • Instant lane opening

Satisfied staff

  • Less stress
  • No overtime for balancing and cash-ups

Satisfied store management

  • Time spent on client service and not on cash management
  • Proven ROI
  • Every cent is accounted for
  • Lower cash handling costs

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