Cash Management Solutions for
Convenience Stores

As a convenience store owner, your business is all about good customer service, a great selection of everyday items and long operating hours.

CashGuard has been designed with your business needs in mind. The emphasis is on employee productivity and on optimising procedures to keep cash secure, particularly in the convenience store environment, which has a higher proportion of cash transactions compared to other environments.

CashGuard Retail Cash Management
Solutions for Convenience Stores will:

  • Ensure that check-out cashiers have no access to cash, thus eliminating risk of robbery and lowering insurance premiums
  • No more preparation of floats and lengthy cash ups means no disruption to customer service during changing of shifts and overtime is eradicated!
  • Instant lane opening
  • Faster customer throughput
  • Enforces integrity amongst staff

Client Testimonial

My cash is 100% secure, customers are never short changed and fake monies are not accepted.

Counting of monies and regular safe drops are no longer required.

CashGuard is the best “Cash Management” system I have invested in.

CashGuard is the way of the future!”

Fuzail Bhayat, BP Salt Lake