Protect Your Business

Cashguard resolves many of the problems involved in traditional cash handling. No access to cash, no hands in tills, no visibility means our clients find unrivalled money security, a safer shopping environment and a much stronger peace of mind.

There are a few dangerous realities of owning a Brick-and-mortar store. The greatest is perhaps the threat of armed robbery.

In 2020 there were 20 651 non-residential armed robberies around south Africa.

This horrible statistic isn’t surprising to many of us. Without the right security measures, many businesses unknowingly make criminal situations convenient for robbers. The outdated cash register continues to make many retail outlets an easy target for opportunists. A robbery prevention strategy can help your business reduce the likelihood of falling victim. A great cash control system and discretion in cash handling, are amongst the most important strategies to implement.

Here are some of our top tips to prevent in store armed robberies and keep your store as safe as possible.

  • Know the facts! Like where, when, and what makes you most vulnerable by checking past statistics and keeping up with the news so you can remain prepared.
  • Stay visible. Using cameras and mirrors and excellent lighting throughout the store
  • Have a well-oiled cash management system up and running. This is where Cashguard comes in, we all know Robbers are in it for the money so the best thing you can do is keep it out of sight and reach.
  • Discretion is key. During cash ups your store is usually at its most vulnerable to both internal and external theft. Handling money at the till point is a big no-no. This should be done in the back room while there are no customers in the store, no fear – Cashguard has made this easy and efficient.
  • Invest in a great security system. A great way to deter robbers is to set up your store with an alarm system and armed response, who will monitor the premises 24/7
  • Lastly Take Precautions! During opening and closing make sure to be aware of your surroundings or any suspicious activity, take note of customers who linger and probe, and always make direct eye contact with customers.