The Future of Cash


37 percent of people have secret stashes of cash at home, preferring the safety of their trusty old mattress or jar over the iron walls of the banks and – and we’re not just talking small change.

Cash is also used by many as means of avoiding surcharges and as a way of bargaining for discounts.

We’re here to tell you that cash is here to stay and you’re looking at the future of it.

For more than 60 years now people have been anticipating the total demise of physical money, becoming increasingly excitable about the prospects of a cashless society with every advancement in digitization and latest crypto currency trend. Given that we have this mind-boggling plethora of ever evolving technology at our fingertips, it’s hard not to believe that our beloved chunky change is losing its place in the world. But after loads of research and surveys, everything is still coming up CASH!

Cash has been in circulation for more than 7 human lifetimes, ATM machine numbers are still on the rise and research suggests the banks are issuing more notes than ever.

3000 people were surveyed by the reserve bank on how they are using cash, and the results show our relationship with legal tender remains an enduring one.

It found just four per cent of people admitted to never paying in cash, that leaves the vast majority of us still regularly stocking our wallets and purses with banknotes and coins.


While easy electronic payment methods have become widely popular among middle and wealthy households, the poor remain disproportionately dependent on cash. Therefore, eliminating cash could potentially exclude this segment of the population from participating fully in the economy.

The reason we don’t all move around on hoverboards in 2022 even though the technology is available to us is the same reason we will always have to consider cash as a payment.

Its difficult to replace a system that has worked so well for so long. There is simply no alternative system of payment that is as convenient, reliable and anonymous. And as long as we have cash, we’ll need cash security and for cash security, there’s Cashguard. Its time you throw those outdated registers away and bring in the big guns! Secure your cash and increase your profitability today.